What Scares 'The Host' Stars Saoirse Ronan And Max Irons?

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You guys! Forget aliens. There's something even more sinister lurking out there. Butterflies! Yes, it's true...if you're "The Host" stars Saoirse Ronan and Max Irons.

MTV News recently visited the Albuquerque, New Mexico, set of their sci-fi romance flick, and we came packing a whole parcel of your ingenious Twitter questions. One of them in particular sparked quite the spirited conversation between the two leads:

"What's something embarrassing or unexpected that's happened to you on set?"


Seems straightforward enough, right? Wrong.

"Well, Jake [Abel] and I were going to pull a prank on Max, but that hasn't worked out yet," Saoirse revealed. "Come on. Come on," Max prodded.

"I'm going to ruin it now because we were going to do it in the last week, but we're not going to be able to do it. We have these bugs. Well, [Jake] has them. He found them in New Orleans, and he was going to put them in your trailer, and it was his idea. He told me about it, and I just agreed."

That info didn't sit too well with Max, who's actually turned to Jake in the past to solve his pest problems.

"See, the other day, I was in my trailer and there was something in the trash can," Max said. "I was convinced it was a moth, and I had to go out of the trailer, because I cannot stand that kind of thing, and get Jake. So I trusted him. I went to him in my hour of need."

When Saoirse pointed out that a bug is not the same thing as a moth (is it not?) and that moths are basically butterflies, Max got even more agitated:

"It's nothing like a butterfly. In fact, when they get too close ..."

"What, they'll flutter?" Saoirse asked, adding, "It does kind of freak me out though when a butterfly sticks to your hand."

Here's hoping the cast handle extra-terrestrials better than winged-creatures or else our entire species is doomed.

Click play on the video above to hear the rest of our Twitter Q&A with the cast!

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