Taylor Swift, 'Twilight' Trio Make Forbes Highest-Paid Under 30 List

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by Meg Malone

Forbes magazine recently released their list of the highest-paid celebrities under 30—or as I call it, a list of people whose bank accounts I'd like to pilfer.

There's a few Crush favorites (hi, "Twilight" leads!) among the music stars and actors who've made this year's countdown. No. 1 on the list right now? It's none other than songstress Taylor Swift, who Forbes estimates made $ 57 million over the last year from her albums, concerts and spokesperson gigs (such as CoverGirl). Even if I actually knew how to sing and play instruments and write songs like Taylor, I can't ever imagine ever receiving a paycheck of that magnitude.

Keep reading after the jump for the rest of Forbes' list:

2. Justin Bieber ($ 55 million)
3. Rihanna ($ 53 million)
4. Lady Gaga ($ 52 million)
5. Katy Perry ($ 45 million)
6. Adele ($ 35 million)
7. Kristen Stewart ($ 34.5 million)
8. Lil Wayne ($ 27 million)
9. It's a "Twilight" tie! Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner ($ 26.5 million)

I also took the liberty of adding up all of the money that Forbes calculated for each of these 10 young celebs: $ 411.5 million. Yeah, there's basically not much to say after that.

Did one of your favorite celebrities make the list? Let us know in the comments and on Twitter!

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