Taylor Lautner Had Fun Being 'Tossed Around' By Kristen Stewart

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Werewolf Jacob Black has had to contend with a number of formidable foes over the past four years, but it may be bud Bella Swan who poses the most danger to him in "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2." You see, the newborn vampire doesn't take too kindly to her wolfy friend imprinting on her daughter Renesmee. And she's not afraid to show her displeasure.

When we caught up with star Taylor Lautner during San Diego Comic-Con, he recalled the good time he had with co-star Kristen Stewart filming the comical scene


"I think it was just one day [of shooting]. So it was a long day of being tossed around in the backyard, but it was fun," Taylor said with a grin. "Kristen is impressive in it. I think the fans will love her chucking me across the yard and stuff. It's a hilarious scene."

Yes, we will love it. (Hope you don't mind me speaking for you, fandom!) Anyway, in reality, Kristen obviously doesn't have the strength of a newly turned bloodsucker in real life, so how did the two accomplish such a physically demanding scene? Wires, perhaps?

"There was zero [wires], it was all real," Taylor explained. "I won't give specifics, but yeah there were no harnesses. I definitely had to fling myself and take a few hard landings, but it was fine. It made for a good scene."

Are you excited to see Bella throw Jacob around in "Breaking Dawn - Part 2"? Sound off in the comments and on Twitter!

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