Stephenie Meyer Could See 'Twilight' Reboot Happening In 15 Years

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As part of yesterday's "Twilight" Takeover of our Comic-Con coverage, MTV News' Josh Horowitz got a rare treat: sitting down for a chat with Stephenie Meyer, a.k.a. the woman without whom our favorite vampire saga would never have existed. And since Stephenie has already seen a rough cut of "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 2," we had to ask: What's her totally unbiased, impartial opinion of how it looks? Because, y'know, she obviously has a lot of distance.


"Oh yeah, I have no emotional ties to this movie," she joked. But it turns out that Stephenie feels the same as the film's cast when it comes to what makes "Breaking Dawn: Part 2" most interesting: "In this, the standout is Kristen [Stewart] as a vampire," she said. "It's awesome."

And part of what makes it awesome, according to the author, is Kristen's amazing performance in the role of Bella.

"She's completely changed," she explained. "It's subtle, it's not this huge shift, but if you watch everything she does, it's a little bit different. And it isn't—in a very good way, it's not how I saw it in my head. It's new, and I love that. It makes it way more fun for me."

Oh, and speaking of new things: There are certain things in the film, including the much-discussed showdown between Cullen loyalists and the deadly Volturi, that aren't necessarily true-blue to the source material. How does Stephenie feel about that? Totally fine, actually!

"I think it works really well with the book, in its own way," she said. "When the movie's out I can [discuss] in more detail, but it fits really well."

Okay, and last question: Believe it or not, people are already discussing a reboot of "The Twilight Saga"—even before the final film has hit theaters. (See what you've unleashed, "The Amazing Spider-Man"? Madness!) And though she isn't exactly enthused about an immediate remake of her vampire romance, Stephenie admits that she's not opposed to the idea sometime in the future.

"I think that obviously that could happen, and in the right scenario it might be something I'd be excited about, I mean, 15 years down the line," she mused. "It would be cool to revisit it in 15 years. It would be fun."

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What do you think of the idea of a "Twilight" reboot? Too soon?

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