Shailene Woodley On The Future Of Her 'Secret Life' Relationships

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If you thought the last few years have been rough for Shailene Woodley's character on ABC Family's "Secret Life of the American Teenager," then you haven't seen anything yet. When the actress stopped by the MTV Newsroom recently to chat about the series' 100th episode, she also shared what is in store for Amy and her baby daddy, Ricky.


"They had a son together three years ago, and that was a pretty big deal, and now they're living together and they ran away and eloped, and I think that is a pretty big decision for any two individuals to make, let alone two teenagers," she explained. "So their relationship is going to continue to grow as well as [there will probably be] rockiness in their future just because they are so young and they haven't quite figured [themselves] out."

Noting that things could potentially get "combative" between the couple, she added that, "All in all they're good. I'd like to see Amy and Ricky grow and develop as individuals before they continue down their path."

Amy is not only dealing with the ups and downs of her love life, she is also coming to terms with her mom's coming out. "I think that that's a huge shock to Amy because she had known her mom so long as one way and now she's all of a sudden saying she's another way," she said. "So I think that will kind of create a hardship within their relationship. But eventually Amy will come to terms with it and be able to accept and be happy."

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