Robert Pattinson: How Has 'Breaking Dawn' Fatherhood Changed Him?

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Edward Cullen has got a big new responsibility in "Breaking Dawn - Part 2." As a father to a newborn child (albeit a supernatural and fast-growing one), he's got to shape up to provide the right parenting for his child. And though he's been around for over a hundred years, that's something he doesn't have any experience with.


MTV News caught up with Robert Pattinson while he was promoting "Part 2" at Comic-Con, and he admitted that going from a love interest to a father was a big change for both his character and himself.

"For Edward, he kind of just started to relax in ['Breaking Dawn - Part 1'], and also, he's a father. I have an 11-year-old kid in this. It's completely different; he's like an adult," RPattz marveled. "It's really strange, and it's kind of hitting me at this period [in my life] when I'm thinking, 'Oh, I'm not a kid anymore,' when I'm playing it. So it's a strange experience, suddenly making that transition to playing fathers of 11-year-olds. I've been playing a 17-year-old for five years."

As this is the last "The Twilight Saga" movie to make an appearance at Comic-Con (or at least the last one any time soon), we figured that now is the best time to look back at how much the cast has changed in the five years since "Twilight" started filming. It turns out that Rob was actually the actor who was the most nervous when he got cast in the adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's beloved vampire novel.

"I was incredibly insecure at the beginning," Pattinson admitted. "I had never done an American movie before, and everyone was more experienced than me pretty much — even the people who hadn't done anything seemed more experienced than me — so, yeah, it felt very foreign to everyone. But it's changed as it's gone on," he said. "These are the people I've known for the longest in L.A."

Will it be weird for you to see RPattz as a dad? Tell us in the comments section below or on Twitter!

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