Peep EXCLUSIVE Opening Scene From 'Step Up: Revolution'!

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Warning: The following Hollywood Crush EXCLUSIVE clip may trigger uncontrollable popping, locking, booty-shaking, hip-shimmying and even (for our older readers), a sudden recurrence of latent disco fever. Why? Because we've got a sneak peek at the sick opening sequence to "Step Up Revolution," and it will, in the immortal words of Mystikal, make you wanna shake ya a--. SO WATCH YO'SELF.


The "Step Up" franchise has a history of setting the bar high in its first few minutes, introducing audiences to a no-holds-barred display of the cast's moving and shaking abilities, and this one is no different. As movement on a Miami street grinds to a halt and the music starts thumping, a group of wily teenagers erupts from vehicles and buildings alike, taking their show to a whole new level atop the bumper-to-bumper which point you'll see breakdancing, butt flapping, pogo stilts, tumbling, two-person acro-dancing and at least four hydraulic pimp-mobiles with moves like Jagger. (Yes, even the cars in this movie dance better than you. What.)

And while there's also a teensy bit of intrigue going on here—who are those masked men doing spray-paint shenanigans behind the distracted crowd?—we're mostly just psyched to see this flash mob cut loose throughout the movie...and maybe pick up a sick move or two to show off at the reception during our cousin's bar mitzvah, because last time, we got totally schooled by a bunch of seventh graders and it was seriously super embarrassing.

"Step Up Revolution," starring Kathryn McCormick and Ryan Guzman opens July 27.

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