MasterChef Joe Bastianich's Blog: Don't Mishandle the Meat!

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MasterChef Joe Bastianich Blogs About Becky's Mishandling of the Meat

Joe Bastianich

Michael Lavine/FOX

Serving up a perfect steak to hungry cowboys in under 90 minutes is not something I'd want to rest a quarter of a million dollars on, but this is exactly what we asked our eight remaining home cooks to do.

Guest chefs at Horse Town USA for the day, both teams were given truly amazing pieces of meat to work with – and to mishandle them at this point would be a sin. Steaks are not tricky; half the battle is ending up with a quality piece of meat to work with.

How Becky, of all people, ended up massacring a quarter of the red team's cut I'll never understand. In fact, I'm a little suspecious ... was she trying to get Monti as team leader sent home? I don't buy that Becky can't cook a steak. Overconfident at times she might be, but careless and incompetent she is not.

This is also an example of Monti's not using her head – once again she's placed too much confidence in someone else, but not enough in herself. And although she is a fighter, she lacks that devio us streak that we see more and more coming out of Becky. I doubt if Monti ever considered Becky as a potential saboteur; she doesn't operate that way. I, for one, have been around the block a few times, and I'm reading you loud and clear, Becky.

That Christine always ends up as the default choice for team challenges is wearing on my last nerve. Is no one capable of strategy? Despite her disability, she can be a real asset to a team if the captain has enough foresight to best utilize her. I really don't know how she has the patience for people.

In the end, it was the humble egg that sent our beloved Josh packing.

Even in a competition as tense as this one, eliminations are becoming increasingly difficult to face for all. Josh is a real talent, and I hope he takes Gordon's parting words to heart and continues his journey in food.

Tomorrow our top seven home cooks get a little Southern inspiration as the great Paula Deen joins us on set!

Thanks for reading and tune in again tonight at 9 p.m. ET on FOX. And for more no-nonsense insight into the cut-throat world of restaurants and wine, pick up a copy of my new bestselling memoir, Restaurant Man.

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