Josh Hutcherson Aims To Win A Kiss From Hayden Panettiere In 'Forger' EXCLUSIVE

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It isn't so mean a feat as winning the 74th annual Hunger Games, but Josh Hutcherson faces it with near equal zeal. The obstacle in question? Securing a smooch from Hayden Panettiere in "The Forger."

The film, which hit DVD on July 3, stars Josh as troubled homeless teen Joshua (fitting), who lives hand to mouth in the small California community of Carmel by the Sea. And like many a cinematic street urchin, Joshua is hiding a special (and potentially profitable) skill—he's an amazing artist. He soon puts that talent to use forging priceless works of art, while at the same time embarking on a new romance with rich girl Amber (Hayden). Of course, his double life doesn't last long without complications arising.


In this EXCLUSIVE bite we snagged, we find Joshua and Amber in the early stages of their relationship&#8212all googly-eyed glances and flirtatious banter. Joshua attempts to guilt Amber into a kiss, but she's clearly not going to fall for his BS.

Click play on the clip above to see how their bet plays out!

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