Jesse Eisenberg Tries Out The Drug Trade In 'Why Stop Now' Trailer

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Jesse Eisenberg, Melissa Leo and Tracy Morgan might seem like a strange group of actors to assemble for a project, but first-time directors Phil Dorling and Ron Nyswaner seem to have put them to good use based on the first theatrical trailer for their indie "Why Stop Now."

The flick, which premiered at Sundance, stars Eisenberg as a piano prodigy who finds his big audition for a prestigious music school scheduled on the same day that he's supposed to check his drug-addicted mother (Leo) into rehab. She is denied access due to a mistake, and so they come up with the hair-brained idea to get her high in order to prove to the rehab center that she needs to be admitted. They go to her drug dealer, Sprinkles (Morgan), who ends up convincing them to work for him for a day in order to get the drugs they need. Needless to say, dramatic hilarity ensues.

Morgan actually looks pretty quick on his feet here, which is a nice change from his bumbling Tracy Jordan on "30 Rock." It could be that this trailer is just playing up his high points, but we have a feeling the he'll impress in "Why Stop Now." Leo and Eisenberg look like they're mostly staying true to their typical movie roles here, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. We might be among the few to prefer our Eisenberg served neurotic, but to us he is a bit more appealing here than he was in "To Rome With Love."

"Why Stop Now" hits theaters in limited theatrical release on August 17, but can viewed On Demand starting tomorrow.

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