'Hunger Games' DVD: Peep Special Features Trailer!

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by Meg Malone

The March opening of "The Hunger Games" was a big deal for me (like, see-it-twice-in-36-hours-on-opening-weekend big deal). When the DVD and Blu-ray drop on August 18, I'm sure I'll screen the film again right away, but based on this special features trailer, I'm also itching to watch all three hours of behind-the-scenes content.

Check out the trailer for yourself!


So, Crushers, what are you most excited to explore further after you (furiously) open your copy next month?

I definitely could go for hanging more with the cast. For a moment there in the trailer, I swore Peeta was real when Josh Hutcherson delivered a compliment to his co-star Jennifer Lawrence with his character's signature charm and heart-tugging "awww" factor. "She's effortlessly amazing," Josh enthused. "I think she's absolutely perfect for Katniss." (Unfortunately, I don't think Josh would say the same thing about me as it is highly unlikely I could climb as deftly as Jennifer does in the trailer.)

I'm also wondering about all 1,200 (!!!) visual effects and also staging all those intense action sequences. Will learning how they staged the action make that Cornucopia scene any less horrific? (Very, very, very doubtful).

Can't wait to explore all "The Hunger Games" behind-the-scenes moments? Let us know what you think in the comments or on Twitter!

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