'The Hobbit' Premieres New Photos In 'Entertainment Weekly'

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In the lead-up to their big San Diego Comic-Con panel, Gandalf, Frodo, and the gang are gracing the pages and cover of the newest issue of Entertainment Weekly.

Warner Bros. is expected to bring "The Hobbit" out to San Diego next week in a very big way, so expect to see a lot more from Peter Jackson and the inhabitants of Middle Earth very, very soon.

You can check out the new photos from "The Hobbit" after the jump!

Of the ten new photos, the shot of Gollum, née Smeagol, stands out. We have yet to get a clear look at one of the saga's most famous characters, but here he is, as grey and slimy as ever.

Hobbit Gollum

We also get a good look at the company of dwarves as they prepare to float down a river in the confined quarters of a wooden barrel.

Hobbit Dwarves

Hugo Weaving also makes a welcome reappearance as Elrond, who plays a minor but significant role in this prequel to "The Lord of the Rings."

Also, is anyone else as pleased to see Ian McKellen back in his Gandalf greys as us? Listen, we're all for his evolution to "the White," but there's something classic about the grittier look.

Gandalf Hobbit

To check out the rest of the new photos from "The Hobbit" head over to EW.com.

Click here to follow all of our Comic-Con footage over the next two weeks.

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