Final ‘Dark Knight Rises’ trailer brings story full circle, with tweet-help from Patton Oswalt

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The final trailer for "The Dark Knight Rises" was released Tuesday in a last ditch effort by Warner Bros. to make sure that everyone on planet Earth is aware of this film's existence and the fact that it opens in theaters July 20. Mission accomplished, Batman studio.

(Warner Bros. - Reuters)

This last trailer emphasizes the journey Bruce Wayne/Batman takes in the Christopher Nolan series, featuring clips from "Dark Knight Rises" but also reminding us of what we learned in "Batman Begins" and "The Dark Knight." I don't know what delights me more: the fact that we'll actually get to see "The Dark Knight Rises" very soon, or the tweets from Patton Oswalt Tuesday night that imagined how this "DKR" trailer might have been if it were terrible and clichéd. You know, like most movie trailers.

Watch the clip below, then peruse a few of Oswalt's tweets, which feature such trailer tropes as the record scratch and the use of Peter Gabriel's "Solsbury Hill."

Some of Oswalt's tweets:

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