Emma Roberts Excited To Work With Jennifer Aniston On New Movie

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by Meg Malone

As big-time "Friends" fans, getting to meet anyone in the cast would be a pretty awesome opportunity. Emma Roberts actually gets the chance to work with a favorite "Friend" in a new movie and turned to Twitter to share her excitement.

Lucky! But what exactly is "We're The Millers" about?

According to Deadline, Emma will play a young woman named Julia who agrees to pose as Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis' daughter and joins them on a road trip. However, Jennifer and Jason aren't just pretending to have a daughter—they're faking their marriage too.

Collider elaborates on the comedy's plot: It turns out Jennifer is a prostitute, Jason is a marijuana dealer and the "family" is actually using this road trip to transport pot.

In any case, congrats to Emma, and with such a talented cast, we look forward to seeing how this complex faux-family dynamic plays out on the big screen!

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