'Deus Ex: Human Revolution' Headed To Big Screen

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Deus Ex

Comic book movies have had their time in the spotlight, so is it now finally video game adaptations' turn? It seems like that could be the new era Hollywood is ushering in, solely based on two of the biggest news stories to come out of the past two days.

Hot off the news that Michael Fassbender will be starring in and co-producing an "Assassin's Creed" movie, CBS Films has announced that they've secured the rights to Square Enix's 2011 hit "Deus Ex: Human Revolution." The stealth action RPG is both dystopian and sci-fi, meaning a feature film version of it should be perfectly at home in Tinseltown.

The press release describes "Deus Ex: Human Revolution" as being the "primary template for the film," meaning the movie likely won't be a straight adaptation of the game. What it probably will take from the story are the human augmentation, espionage and ethical elements of the game that made it so well received last year.

"Deus Ex: Human Revolution" is the third video game in the "Deus Ex" franchise, and acts as a prequel to the original 2000 title. It follows main character Adam Jensen as an ex-SWAT-turned-private security officer for Sarif Industries, a biotech company with an emphasis in human enhancements. After being brutally injured in an attack on the company, Jensen is forced to undergo extensive surgery to have many of his limbs replaced with artificially enhanced ones (think "RoboCop"). He can upgrade these as the game progresses, allowing him to sneak better, be stronger and hack more effectively. Thanks to his new lease on life, Jensen sets out to try to unravel what turns out to be a global consipiracy.

The video game film genre is not one that's thrived in Hollywood, but with new "Resident Evil" and "Silent Hill" movies on their way and a lot of buzz surrounding the "Assassin's Creed" film, we'll guess that will change soon. Let's take bets on how long it will take before the "Halo" movie idea gets resurrected again.

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