Comic-Con: 'Twilight' Stars Really, Really Appreciate Their Fans

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"The Twilight Saga" has such a huge presence at San Diego Comic-Con because of its passionate fans, and the actors in it know it.

When MTV News caught up with the cast on the "Breaking Dawn: Part 2" press line, they couldn't stop talking about how much the fan support means for them. This is "Twilight's" fourth and final Comic-Con, and their fans have only become more and more fervent as the years have passed.


"Being able to share with these guys, the fans, [they] are an ever-present, motivating, reassuring thing," Kristen Stewart said. "It's really nice, but when they're actually physically in front of you, if you can get over the blast of energy that's thrown at you, it's the most amazing shared energy thing. They're just as invested in it as I am, and to see that is mind-blowing. I love it."

Nikki Reed told us she has become so close with her fans now that recognizes any physical difference in them from previous years.

"Being here with the fans this year has been really special for me," she said. "The fact that they're still here four years later and that I recognize a lot of them — I can see that they've cut their hair or lost weight or they're wearing makeup — all those little things are very bizarre, but I feel like I know a lot of them, and I just can't express how grateful I am to have this, because we are at a time right now where capturing someone's attention for more than five minutes is nearly impossible."

As for Kellan Lutz, he's just glad to come back to Comic-Con because it's the birthplace of his favorite fan group, Slutz for Lutz.

"I love the Slutz for Lutz, that started here, I believe," he said with a smile. "That just always cracks me up every time someone has a shirt or screams 'Slutz for Lutz!' It puts a smile on my face."

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