Comic-Con: 10 Things We Need To See

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Man of Steel

FROM NEXTMOVIE: I've got a box of Clif Bars, a toothbrush and some unread issues of the "New 52." I'm ready for the lines, odors and sunstroke of San Diego Comic-Con. There are dozens of movies (and shows and comics and web series) that'll be pitched at SDCC. Here are the ten I'm most excited about.

Man of Steel
I know a guy who's seen little snips of "Man of Steel" - some of the Krypton stuff. He tells me that if you didn't know it was Superman, you wouldn't know what it was just by looking at it. That, to me, is very exciting. Zack Snyder under the close supervision of Christopher Nolan sounds like a nice working combination. There's simply no excuse for DC's inability to catch up with Marvel for a crossover movie universe. Hopefully that all ends this Comic-Con.

The short film that got Tim Burton fired from Disney is now back as an IMAX 3D extravaganza... from Disney. I can't think of a better middle finger to the Man in recent history. Burton's recent output has been suspect, but his knack for design is still sharp and the story of a kid resurrecting his dead dog is timeless. We should know soon if this is the next "Nightmare Before Christmas."

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