The Best and Worst Things About Two 'Mockingjay' Movies

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"Mockingjay" is just one book, but as we all know thanks to yesterday's big announcement, it'll have two release dates—with the final chapter of "The Hunger Games" franchise being split into two separate films released one year apart. And hey, no real surprise; after "Harry Potter" and "Twilight," savvy audiences have learned to expect that whatever the literary-series-turned-blockbuster-film-franchise, studios will inevitably go halfsies on the finale. Which is great! ...Except when it's not, of course, which is why we're letting out all our ambivalent feelings in this comprehensive list, featuring the best and worst things about having to stretch our "Mockingjay" payoff out over 12 long months.

GOOD: There's a lot going on in "Mockingjay," and being able to devote two movies' worth of time to the story means less beloved stuff from the source material ending up on the cutting-room floor.

BAD: Even with twice the time to devote to the story, they're still going to have to cut some stuff... which means that we could put on our patient hats and wait all year, only to find that all our favorite details have still been given the chop.

GOOD: As was so nicely illustrated by the smart folks at Entertainment Weekly, "Mockingjay" has several moments that are ripe for cliffhanging and creating the perfect cinematic split, and a smart filmmaker could use any one of them.

BAD: "Mockingjay" has several moments that are ripe for cliffhanging and creating the perfect cinematic split, and what if the filmmaker does not use any of them?

GOOD: Chances are good that splitting the story will let Josh Hutcherson mostly off the hook for "Mockingjay: Part 1," since Peeta is (SPOILER ALERT!) imprisoned at the Capitol for the first part of the story and only seen in televised snippets broadcast by his captors.

BAD: An entire film featuring only a few teensy glimpses of cutie-pie Peeta and absolutely zero cave makeouts? No. NO. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

What are your best hopes (and worst fears) about splitting the "Mockingjay" movie in two?

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