'Awkward' Cast Tease More Sanctuary Scenes

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"Awkward" got even awkward-er last week with widespread fear and hysteria that surveillance footage taken near the school's hook-up spot, The Sanctuary, might get leaked, revealing all the bad stuff that goes down when everyone thinks no one is watching. Most of the students had something to worry about, including former lovebirds Matty and Jenna, who fretted their pal (and Jenna's current BF) Jake might find out about them via the footage.


"Matty's like come undone in that episode," Molly Tarlov told MTV News recently.

"I loved it," Matty himself, Beau Mirchoff, added. "I thought it was a lot of fun. It was so nice to do something that was a little different. Matty has no idea if he's on the tape or what they saw or what not, so it's this kind of [thing where] he doesn't know what's happening. His life is unraveling before him. The Sanctuary is exactly that, the sanctuary away from whatever chaos is going on."

Of course, things worked out for everyone this time around, and the naughty footage never ended up seeing the light of day. But, that doesn't mean that next time around, everyone will be safe. Molly added, "Sadie's pretty revolted by The Sanctuary, and I can tell you by the end of the season she may or may not make a little visit to The Sanctuary...so that's it."

If you're wondering what Sadie does once she gets over her hatred of The Sanctuary, stay tuned to season two of the hit MTV show, airing Thursdays at 10:30 p.m.

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