Are 'Spider-Man' Stars Andrew Garfield And Emma Stone Your New Fave Met-On-Set Couple?

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by Meg Malone

While there's no shortage of on-screen pairs that spark post-project relationships, some just tend to melt our hearts a little more than others.

A couple of years ago, we asked if Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth were the new Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling, as both adorable relationships shared some striking similarities. But Hollywood is always about the next best thing, and with The Amazing Spider-Man swinging into theaters tomorrow, we can't help but think about where on-screen-turned-off-screen super duo Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield fit among the pretty-young-thing pairings.

Emma and Andrew separately offered their dating advice to MTV News, but it has to be their quippy banter when together that makes them so irresistible. Take their recent interview with the New York Daily News. Personal favorite moment: Andrew's good-natured ribbing of Emma's homeschooling memories. Followed not long after by his sweet praise for her acting talents. Sigh.


While, sadly, Rachel and Ryan are no more (we'll always have The Notebook!), Liam and Miley are going strong, having recently announced their engagement . Despite not sharing a Nicholas Sparks origin like Miley/Liam and Rachel/Ryan, are Emma and Andrew still holding strong in the competition for your affection as the next great off-screen couple? We certainly hope so.

But let's be honestly: the only true way to go about answering this question is by imagining which couple you'd like to third-wheel. You know, be that friend who just tags along because the couple is so well-matched and they make you believe in love... Wait, does nobody else do that?

Are Emma and Andrew the best met-on-set couple yet? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter!

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