Anna Kendrick Can't Turn Her Back On 'Back To The Future'

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by Meg Malone

It's a curse of fate that whenever you're about to leave, that's when the best things come on the TV. It seems Anna Kendrick had a similar experience today when she tweeted about her inability to part with a certain '80s classic.

We hope Anna wasn't late arriving anywhere, but we totally understand her dilemma. Not only does the movie have some hilarious and creative moments, but Michael J. Fox was just too cute as Marty McFly (and have you seen those skateboarding skills?!).

It was just a couple weeks ago that an internet rumor was swirling that it was the future date from "Back to the Future Part II," however as Movies Blog reported this was just simply not true (though we bet that someone who seems to love the time-travel flick as much as Anna probably knew that).

You'll be able to hear Anna's voice on August 17 in the film "ParaNorman" and then get a chance to hear her impressive pipes on October 5 in "Pitch Perfect," which based on the awesome trailer looks like it should be loads of fun.

What movie can you not bear to turn off, no matter what's at stake? Let us know in the comments and on Twitter!

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