'Amazing Spider-Man' Round-Up: Reviews, Interviews And More!

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Webs out, Spider-fans! Sony's long-planned "Amazing" reboot hits theaters today, giving you the chance to finally weigh in once and for all: can Marc Webb's take on "Spider-Man" match or surpass the Sam Raimi era? Critics are divided, but this much is clear: Peter Parker's about to make a whole lot of money, and you're probably contributing to the pile.

We've been covering "Spider-Man" very thoroughly all throughout MTV Movies over the past few weeks. Keep reading for highlights of our coverage!

"Amazing" Reviews
Though some aren't sold on the "Spider-Man" reboot, count two of MTV Movies' very own writers among the "Amazing" fans. In his review, Kevin P. Sullivan calls Andrew Garfield's performance "nuanced, fully realized, and inventive enough to firmly stand apart from the time-honored, but safer portrayals of Peter," while Josh Wigler (hey! That's me!) writes, "Webb's movie works very well on its own, and even better as a launching point for future Spidey stories to come."

"Amazing" Andrew
As we said, Garfield's work as Spidey is really fantastic. Stunt coordinator Andy Armstrong raved to MTV News about Garfield's willingness to carry out his own web-slinging stunts, and we've seen firsthand how well he handles himself on a skateboard. Add Garfield's own spider-research into the mix and you've got yourself a very well-rounded leading man.

"Amazing" Romance
It wouldn't be a "Spider-Man" movie without lots of action, but there's plenty of heart to back up the fisticuffs. Garfield and Emma Stone are a compelling item both on and off the screen, and their dating advice is not to be taken lightly. Is "Spider-Man" the most romantic superhero movie of all time? We certainly think so.

Not So "Amazing" Villainy
Rhys Ifans' Lizard is not a particularly compelling bad guy. It's not Ifans' fault; the actor does great work as Curt Connors, and his thoughts on why the Lizard acts so godly are very interesting to consider. But the CGI monster simply didn't work for the MTV Movies team, as we discussed at length in the video below. You can also click here for a greater look at the Lizard and his comic book history.

"Amazing" Money
Lizard notwithstanding, "Amazing Spider-Man" has a lot of excellent ingredients in place. So it should surprise precisely nobody that the movie is on track to make all of the money. MTV News spoke with box office experts for their predictions on Spidey's opening weekend, and all of them are expecting high marks for the reboot.


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