Afternoon Mail! Has Adam Levine Sung His Swan Song?!

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by Ted Casablanca Tue., Jul. 3, 2012 2:32 PM PDT

Adam Levine, Keira KnightleySplash News

Dear Ted:
I love seeing Adam Levine doing this whole acting thing! The pictures of him on set with Keira Knightley are really hot (too bad she's engaged or they'd make a really cute couple) and I can't wait to see him on American Horror Story. Does this signal the demise of his singing career?! I love Maroon 5!

Dear The Show Must Go On:
Totally agree, the two look fab together. And I wouldn't worry too much about Adam going all thespian and forgetting his rock-star roots. For one, Can a Song Save Your Life will have his music chops front and center (makes for the perfect crossover project, eh?). Can't wait for those on-set American Horror Story pics though—exactly how naked do you think he'll be?!

Dear Ted:
I am literally obsessed with Veronica Bee-Stings. I think she sounds so sex! And I bet her fashion sense is as fierce as her personality. So you have to answer my question: Has she scored a huge rock from that dude she's in love with yet?! I bet so!

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Dear Love Stung:
Well, she's manipulated men into doing more for even less, but I honestly think Ronnie is trying to give an honest go at this relationship. So while VBS is doing her damnedest to prove she's got the whole domestic thing down, she's not forcing the fiancée title. Yet.

Dear Ted:
About the rumors with Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, doesn't Amber have a girlfriend? Because she was in a relationship. Did they break up? Kisses from Brazil!

Dear Girl Interuptted:
She did have a GF. But methinks the reports that Amber and her ladylove, Tasya van Ree, have gone their separate ways must be true. If not, the blonde bombshell has a lot of explaining to do—a horse isn't exactly easy to hide, after all.

Dear Ted:
I know who Parrish Maguire is. It's totally Josh Hutcherson, isn't it?! There are always rumors that he's dating one girl or another but you never see him out with any of them! Well, at least not since Vanessa Hudgens. Please tell me I'm right.

Dear Horny for Hutch:
Hardly! Sure, The Hunger Games hunk might keep his private life just that (private!) but it's not because of any Vicey secrets he keeps. Though, on second thought, that's hardly the worst guess. Parr and Mr. Hutcherson have a lot in common—career wise.

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Dear Ted:
How important is it for the Fifty Shades of Grey movie to have at least one recognizable name for either Christian or Anastasia? Would an Alexander Skarsgård or Ian Somerholder legitimize the movie to something "arty" rather than something "soft-porny." I totally agree with you about Ian. He may not quite fit the physical description of Christian Grey, but he's certainly got something of his attitude. My kitties (all spayed/neutered) say hi.
—Cindy Lou

Dear Fifty Shades of…Who?!
It could go either way, C. If they have a big name, it's sure to draw a crowd. But if they go with unknowns (which I'm suspecting they might), we could have another Twilight phenomenon on our hands—Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart weren't exactly household names before donning fangs. As for your latter question, I think it might go "soft-porny," as you said, no matter who's in it.

Dear Ted:
My question is about Portia Vajazzle. Do you think she could sleep her way to an Oscar?!

Dear No:
But that won't stop her from trying!

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