Zoe Aggeliki Reportedly Out Front For Johanna In 'Catching Fire'

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Zoe AggelikiThe "Catching Fire" casting rumors about who'll play Johanna Mason are flying so fast and furious that we're starting to get whiplash, but like so many Hollywood gossip go-rounds, it looks like the original dish might've been the most accurate: Deadline reports that Zoe Aggeliki, who was previously said to be right on the verge of being offered the role of Johanna, has surpassed Jena Malone as the favorite and is in talks to come on board.

Zoe, to recap, is a model-actress who's a relative newcomer to the movie biz; we'll be seeing her in the upcoming Percy Jackson movie and "R.I.P.D." Considering the success of the group of newbies who rounded out the Tribute cast in the first film (including the wonderful Willow Shields and Amandla Stenberg), there's no law that says a prolific actress would be a better choice—and getting a fresh face in this pivotal role would add a nice layer of "Who's that girl?!" intrigue to the ongoing buzz about the movie. Especially since she's so fierce-looking!

So, in summary, Zoe Aggeliki is on the verge of being cast as Johanna Mason! For real this time! Probably! Although under the circumstances, we also wouldn't be entirely surprised if they came out tomorrow and told us that no, actually, the role of Johanna will be played by Justin Bieber in a bear suit. Because hey, why not.

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Do you think this latest intel on the "Catching Fire" cast is reliable?

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