Tyler Perry Brings Matthew Fox To Hell In 'Alex Cross' Trailer

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Matthew Fox is a man of many weapons: sniper rifles, bazookas, explosive disc thingies and "your wife is so pretty" jokes. With all of these weapons at his disposal, he can feel free to ignore the memo warning him not to cross Alex Cross. We'll be standing right behind him, by the way.

Fox's descent into method-acting madness is on full display in the brand new trailer for "Alex Cross," the James Patterson adaptation hitting theaters this fall with Tyler Perry playing the titular forensic psychologist. Directed by "Fast and the Furious" helmer Rob Cohen, "Alex Cross" represents an unlikely game of cat and mouse between Perry and Fox, one that could very easily bring viewers all the way to the gates of Hell. We would not have it any other way.

Check out the trailer past the jump!

If that trailer doesn't have you extraordinarily excited for Matthew Fox and his bag of high-tech Augustus Gloop magic tricks, then we do not have the same taste in movies. (For your sake, this might be an okay thing.)

In addition to the trailer, there's a new "Alex Cross" poster online, which you can see below thanks to IMP Awards. Behold:

"Alex Cross," starring Tyler Perry and Matthew Fox, hits theaters everywhere this fall.

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