'True Blood' Actress Anna Paquin Packin' Twins

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For those taking bets on what kind of little one Anna Paquin is incubating in that baby bump, the odds just got more complicated...by a factor of two. (...Right? Whatever. Math is hard.) Point is: the Us Weekly has the news that the "True Blood" actress and her husband, the charming Stephen Moyer, are expecting twins!

This is a surprise outcome for the couple, who are reportedly getting lots of advice on doubling their fun in the baby department from twin-experienced co-star Sam Trammell (his girlfriend gave birth to a couple of bouncing babes last summer, so he's a pro at this stuff.) And while this is Anna's first pregnancy, Stephen has a couple of kids from a prior relationship, so he should be ready and able to baby-wrangle with the best of 'em when his wife needs another set of hands.

Of course, given Anna's leading lady status on what's pretty much the naked-est show on television (with possible exception for "Game of Thrones"), there's also plenty of pontificating within the blogosphere about how able she'll be to bare all for her role as Sookie Stackhouse now that there's 100 percent more kid on the way. Todd Lowe reportedly confirmed that her stunt double was getting some extra use during the last weeks of shooting the current season, and although she's due before filming is set to start on season six... I mean, girlfriend is eating for three now. Here's hoping the writers come up with a post-pregnancy-friendly plotline to give her a break on the nude scenes. Or maybe every time the script calls for a naked Sookie, they could just change it up so it's naked Eric instead? Just a suggestion! We wouldn't mind!

How do you think "True Blood" will work around Anna's pregnancy?

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