There Can Only Be One 'Highlander'... And It's Ryan Reynolds?

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Ryan Reynolds

Last we heard, Ryan Reynolds was still in talks for the lead role in Summit Entertainment's upcoming remake of "Highlander." But in the month that's passed since that news hit the web, it seems as though Reynolds has nailed down the part.

The Tracking Board has learned that Reynolds has officially been cast as Connor MacLeod. We'll wait for a studio confirmation before we take that as fact, but for now it seems like it's pretty likely that Reynolds will get the role.

When it was first announced that Reynolds was in talks for the role, we initially rebelled. Christopher Lambert, the original MacLeod, was all gruff action hero without the comedic aura that automatically surrounds Reynolds, and it seemed strange to have the "Van Wilder" star in that role. Our views on that haven't really changed, but we're big fans of Reynolds and his abilities and we're willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. After all, this wouldn't be the first time that fans rebelled against a casting choice that ended up being spot-on.

MTV News caught up with director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo back in March and asked him what his attraction to the "Highlander" mythology is.

"The idea about immortality as a curse, you know?" Fresnadillo said. "Immortality is a very difficult time in your life, if you become an immortal. If you think about that, it's impossible to be in love with anyone — you're growing, you're getting old, as a human, but not as an immortal. I think immortality could be a very lonely feeling [worth exploring]."

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