'Ted' Compares Himself To Other Famous Bears

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Despite his foul mouth, anger management issues and promiscuous behavior, Ted the teddy bear, star of the movie "Ted", still has a cute and cuddly factor. He's a stuffed bear, you can't escape a bit of the 'Aww' factor, and he comes from a long line of famous fuzzy celebrities.

When MTV News caught up with Ted's director, Seth MacFarlane, recently, we asked him to compare Ted to other famous celebrity bears, like Snuggles from the Snuggles laundry detergent commercials, '80s toy Teddy Ruxpin, "The Muppets" funnyman Fozzie Bear and the colorful Care Bears.


As was to be expected, Ted and MacFarlane aren't exactly super fans of their famous brethren, but they did have some high praise for one lucky bear.

"Snuggles, what the hell? He's a recluse," he said. "Who the f--- hides out in the goddamn laundry? Sitting in the goddamn laundry all day, who does that? It's f------ creepy."

He makes a good point there. What the heck is Snuggles always doing in the laundry? Moving on to Teddy Ruxpin, the "classic" talking bear from the 1980s, the existence of which is mentioned in the movie.

"Ruxpin is a machine. More machine than man," he said, adding that there's a dangerous subtext lurking beneath the fur. "Terminator 5"-style.

Ted and MacFarlane had nothing but high praise for Fozzie Bear and his endless supply of chicken jokes and all that fun with "Waka waka waka."

"Fozzie Bear, all good things, all good things. He's the greatest comedian of our generation."

And finally the Care Bears, who had the power, via the object branded on their tummies, to turn any frown upside down with their fearsome "Care Bear Stare."

"The Care Bears, who the f--- wears their emotions on their stomach like that?" he said. "Oh are you happy? Oh I couldn't tell, oh that's right you've got a big goddamn rainbow right on your gut."

Who is your favorite pop culture teddy bear? Let us know in the comments below and on Twitter!

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