'Step Up Revolution' Gets All Shook Up In EXCLUSIVE Cinemagraph

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Nothing makes us want to shake our moneymakers quite like the upcoming release of a new "Step Up" movie, the cinematic dancing franchise that started with a popping-and-locking Channing Tatum and then just kept. On. DANCING. But with the fourth film, "Step Up Revolution," on its way to theaters next month, our moneymakers are all shook out... so instead, we've got a tiny cinemagraphical man to do all the celebratory dancing for us. EXCLUSIVELY. Yep, he's all ours, and we ain't sharin' him with no one! Oh, except you, 'cause we like you.

The next chapter in the "Step Up" story finds us in steamy, sexy Miami Beach, where newcomer Emily falls hard for the leader of an elite flash mob dance crew called, appropriately, The Mob. But their nascent relationship is threatened when it turns out that Emily is the daughter of an eeeevil developer who plans to raze the Mob's stomping grounds and turn it into...well, something hideous, no doubt.

Which is probably why our exclusive cinemagraph for the film features such a revolutionary setting for Adam G. Sevani, who is busting some seriously Michael Jackson-esque moves in front of an angry team of hell-no-we-won't-goers. Will there be a showdown between real estate tycoon and old-guard youngsters? Will there be romance and intrigue and rumbles at the beach? We don't know! But we do know this: There will be DANCING.

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