'Prometheus' Viral Stunt Planned For Comic-Con?

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Usually, when a major studio production is amping up its viral marketing campaign, the film is a few months from release, but a new video from Weyland Industries is hinting at a "Prometheus" stunt at Comic-Con, more than a month after the movie came out.

According to a new video (via ComingSoon.net) released through the fictional corporation's YouTube channel, Weyland Industries will be out in full force in San Diego later this month.

The video comes from the newly added career section of the Weyland Industries website, which recently updated.

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The career section offers a new video, which calls for recruits. The clip features a woman named Jamie Rossi who is "involved in several bio-medical projects on Luna." She sings Weyland Industries' praises for their willingness to fund her robotics theory about fabricating artificial muscles.

What would Weyland Industries want with artificial muscles? Hmmm. The questions continue!

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