'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: 'Birds Of A Feather'

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First A, now the Black Swan. No one's secret identity remains secret for long in Rosewood.

Last week's revelation that Melissa had been faking her pregnancy—at least for a time—left the liars wondering if she could have been A's masquerade ball ally. After all, with her petite frame, she would have fit into the feathered frock had she not had a bun in the oven. But sister Spencer didn't want to believe it without proof.

Meanwhile, another Hastings (as in, Mrs.) was also under suspicion: Jason made his return to "Pretty Little Liars," furious with Spencer's mom for taking up Garrett's defense—he wanted to know what her motive was. He decided to to help out the investigation by posting reward signs leading to evidence as to Ali's missing remains. Someone is going to get $ 50,000 richer very soon.

In a rather random plotline, Aria decided that since her dad was dating, so too should her mom, so with Hanna's help (and Ashley's advice), Aria set up an online dating profile for her mom, username: Hot Mama. Is this supposed to attract someone besides an orange-jumpsuit-clad man living in a correctional facility?

Emily got herself a new job at a coffee house, and it was a busy first day as Maya's cousin, Nate, stopped by for a chat in between Emily refilling the cream and whipping up green tea smoothies. He's in town for good, he told her, to attend Hollis University. The two met up after Emily's shift so that Nate could give her a belated gift from Maya: an "I Walked With A Zombie" T-shirt. (It was the movie the two sort-of watched on their first date.) He later told her that Maya considered Emily her first love. Why is this still so hard?

The liars decided to snoop around Melissa's Philadelphia apartment to see if they could find any clues to finger her as the Black Swan. After a brief scare (never go into someone's abode without the go text from her scheming sister), the girls found a single feather in her closet. Busted. When Spencer confronted Melissa, she admitted to the whole thing. She had lost her baby after finding Ian's body and had been faking ever since to avoid increased scrutiny. She had found a note telling her to go to the masquerade ball dressed as the Black Swan or her dirty little baby secret would be revealed. Her task: distract Jenna. But when the girls spotted her, she ran off. Is it just me, or does this answer one question while raising another? Why was she supposed to distract Jenna? Producers, please!

Thanks to Caleb's run-in with Mona at Radley, she was forbidden to have visitors (Hanna included). Of course, that didn't stop Hanna from trying to break in, during which she found out pesky Detective What's His Face was questioning Mona. Anyway, Hanna and Caleb got in a huge fight about the incident, but things seemed OK until Hanna got a picture text of an EMT in Montecito with the accompanying message that A was everywhere. She tried telling Caleb that it had been A who caused his mom's car crash, but she just couldn't do it. Another secret from Hanna was too much for Caleb to take, and after all they've been through together, he broke up with her. Ugh. Sad.

The episode ended with Spencer and Jason talking about the reward posters, which Jason said he would take down since he wasn't getting reputable responses. But he was hiding something because just as the credits were about to roll, we saw him write a check to cash for $ 50,000. What are you up to, Jas?

What did you think of last night's "Pretty Little Liars"? What are your theories? Sound off in the comments and on Twitter!

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