Joe Manganiello, Matt Bomer Have No Problem With Feeling Like Meat

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Even though Hollywood starlets are no stranger to playing hookers and strippers as a matter of course (all with hearts of gold, naturally), the spectacle of men bumping and grinding and shedding their clothes is much more of an anomaly on the cinematic scene. So when "Magic Mike" actors Joe Manganiello and Matt Bomer joined us to chat about their roles in this year's biggest big-screen beefcake funfest, it had to be asked: Did either of them feel, y'know, objectified?


"There's no such thing as male objectification," Joe replied matter-of-factly, proving once and for all that he's got quite the brain to go with that beautiful torso and perfectly chiseled chin. And he continued, "I think that's what we're exposing with this movie. It doesn't exist.
We really don't care, I think, for the most part."

Meanwhile, Matt chimed in with the point that their experience making the movie might not necessarily align with our experience viewing it—and that that's okay.

"It's an interesting story to be a part of," he said. "And how that's going to be marketed and perceived is out of our hands, we just had fun telling the story."

Well, okay. But guys, come on, now: teeny-tiny thongs, a club-full of shrieking lady extras, dancing onstage whilst dollar bills got stuffed in unmentionable places...was there even one moment when these schmexy men felt objectified in spite of it all?

"Well, yeah," Joe admitted, but Matt offered the final word on the subject, saying, "But it's high time that those tables were turned."

AGREE. Now dance for us, sex monkeys!

Are you down with objectifying these hot pieces of, men?

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