James Cameron Filming Three 'Avatar' Sequels Simultaneously?

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James Cameron has never kept intentions for the "Avatar" series a secret. He wants to make a lot of them. He wants them to make a lot of money. Then he wants to use that money to keep diving to the bottom of the ocean.

But a new article from Showbiz 411 about "Avatar" actress Sigourney Weaver may have revealed just how ambitious Cameron is being with the sequels. The post reports that Cameron isn't planning on making his next "Avatar" movies back-to-back. He's making them back-to-back-to-back.

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The Showbiz 411 article runs down what's coming next for Weaver and says that the actress offered up the tip.

"She goes right into a new Christopher Durang play for a short run at Lincoln Center," the pot reads. "Then she films 'Avatar' 2, 3, and 4 with James Cameron. That's right: they're making three sequels to the blue 3D phenom all at the same time."

This is the first time we've heard about the potential for Cameron to film all three movies at once. Up until know, "Avatar 4" had only been discussed as a remote possibility, with "Avatar 2" and "Avatar 3" likely filming at the same time.

When Cameron spoke with MTV News earlier this year, he told Josh Horowitz that he already has a vast amount of writing done for any potential sequel, but that he was unwilling to offer up any timetable for when production would begin or which dates were eyed for a release.

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