Channing Tatum Teases Possibility Of Extra Sexiness On 'Magic Mike' DVD

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Considering the content of "Magic Mike" (which, in case you didn't hear us squealing about it the first 500 times, is about hot naked men, dancing naked onstage, and hey, did we mention they're naked?!), it would be downright irresponsible of us not to ask the cast of fine, foxy gentlemen who star in the film whether there's any, er, previously unseen footage from inside the club that didn't make the theatrical cut but just might be on the DVD. And we're not talking about blooper reels, either.

So, is there anything exciting that was left on the cutting room floor? According to Channing Tatum, yes. Yes, there is.


Turns out, those steamy stripteases aren't necessarily shown in their start-to-finish entirety in the version of the movie you'll see in theaters and, said Channing, "We fought so hard to try to figure out how much of the dances can you actually show. The thing about male stripping is, they all end the exact same way. You start clothed and you end naked. So the interesting stuff is up front, and the redundant stuff is toward the end."

To which we say: When it comes to hot naked men, sometimes a little redundancy can be just fine. But between keeping things from getting too explicit and trying to keep it interesting, when it came time to edit the dance scenes, Channing said that a lot got cut.

"We had the pieces of them tell the story, we couldn't show the whole thing," he explained. "There's some of them that are going to blow your mind when you see the entire thing."

And by "the entire thing," we really, really hope he means, y'know, the ENTIRE THING. You know what we're talking about. Yeeeah.

Are you excited to maybe see the ENTIRE THING on the "Magic Mike" DVD? Do you plan to see the movie this weekend? Spill it in the comments and on Twitter!

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