Channing Tatum Prefers His Stripperwear Non-Traditional

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We'd already heard from two fine gentlemen of the "Magic Mike" cast about the trials and tribulations of thong-wearing, but as we all know, there are a lot more than two fine gentlemen in this movie! So when Matthew McConaughey and Channing Tatum stopped by to discuss the film, they got the same question about which wardrobe items were most cumbersome...but, surprisingly, the answer we got from Channing was one we definitely hadn't heard before.


"Cumbersome?" Channing said, looking confused. And hey, that's right! Because let us not forget, this man was a real, actual stripper once upon a time! A veteran thong-wearer! And, he said, avoiding discomfort—and some of the more out-there outfits typically associated with strippers—was a skill he picked up on the job.

"That was sort of my whole thing when I actually did it," Channing explained. "When I actually danced, I did a boy scout outfit, and I thought it was the lamest thing ever. And I did a clown thing..."

And if you're not sure quite how to feel about that, well, you're not alone. (Channing Tatum as a sexy stripperclown? Is it possible to be seriously turned on but also completely terrified at the same time?) But the point is, Channing said, he was doing his best not to indulge in tired cliches during "Magic Mike," describing his attitude as, "I'm gonna pick the song that I like, and I'm gonna dress like the song should be dressed for. I wanted to be normal, I didn't want to do the iconic stripper thing."

And Matthew? Though the veteran actor didn't have any official stripping experience prior to making this movie, he's not complaining about the on-set dress code, either.

"It's a great wardrobe, isn't it?" he grinned. "The tassels were my favorite!"

Are you dying to see Matthew's tassels? Can you picture Channing as a sexy thong-clad clown?

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