Channing Tatum Didn't Want Typical Stripper Outfits For 'Magic Mike'

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Male strippers have a bad rap when it comes to their outfits. Everyone just assumes they'll see a cowboy or some dude wearing just a pair of cufflinks. For "Magic Mike," Channing Tatum wanted to buck the stereotypes when to came to stripping regalia.

Tatum told MTV News that the choices in "Magic Mike" reflected what he preferred when he was actually dancing for movie.


"That was sort of my whole thing when I actually did it," Tatum said. "When I danced, I did Boy Scout outfit, and I thought it was the lamest thing ever. Then I did a clown thing."

What Tatum preferred was more representative of the music he was dancing to. "My favorite thing ever was Usher," he said. "I was just like 'No, I'm just going to pick the song I like and dress like the song should be dressed for. That was it. I wanted to be normal. I didn't want to do the iconic stripper things."

Matthew McConaughey, on the other hand, was much more enthusiastic about his next-to-nothing outfits. "It's great wardrobe, isn't it? I loved getting in the wardrobe," he said. "A lot of talk, a lot of work, a lot of hours went into the tassels on Dallas' thong, the length of the tassel, the thickness of the tassel. The thong only weighs half an ounce. I kept all of my stuff."

Tatum agreed, adding "We've got wives now."

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