Afternoon Mail! Could Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Be Any Cuter?!

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Miley Cyrus, Liam HemsworthMichael Buckner/Getty Images

Dear Ted:
I know that you get excited at the idea of gorgeous people marrying off into gorgeous sunsets to have gorgeous lives. In general I'm mostly onboard. But I must take you to task for making a statement like this: "seriously, have you ever seen a dreamier pair together?!" regarding Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. Implying that any couple can't outshine Miley (who is cute) and Liam (who is strikingly handsome)? Absurd. I know you were being cute, but I really expect more from you.

Dear Young, Hot Hollywood:
Geez, Kate! Hate me for being positive, why doncha! Because it's not exactly like the young twosome (she's 19, he's 22) are necessarily rolling in the well wishes since announcing they'd be tying the knot. Are there other attractive couples out there in Tinseltown? Of course. But let's let Miles enjoy her new engagement for a sec before we boot her from the limelight.

Dear Ted:
Now that hunky Joe Manganiello is single, how about a hook up between the sexy werewolf and Mila Kunis? Forget Ashton Kutcher, Joe's got it going on and Mila needs someone who simmers as much as she does. So what do you think? Hot?

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Dear Magic Mila:
Hmm, interesting suggestion, S. It's not exactly like Joe and Mila run in the same circles. But as hot as they would look—and I'm talking sizzlin' here—I don't see your matchmaking coming into play anytime soon. They're just not each other's types. Maybe for a future movie though, I'd support that!

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Dear Ted:
Could the two costars that are Judas Jack-Off and Dashed Dingle-Dream possibly have a connection to Gossip Girl? Thanks!

Dear New York's Most Wanted:
XOXO, Zab. And you better accept those hugs and smooches because that's the only good thing I've got for you—Jude and his former BF aren't any of the Gossip guys. Judas does have a connection to another soapy hit though (he dated a chickie from one!).

Dear Ted:
Just started watching Girls on HBO. I think Allison Williams would be great as Ana in Fifty Shades of Grey movie. I think she could pull off the innocent-but-confident mix that the character needs; plus, she totally has the right hair. What do you think?

Dear Girl Gone Grey:
Poor, C! Just wait until you burn through all 10 episode of Girls and then enter the post-Girls world that the rest of us are currently living in. It's a bleak place. Speaking of—when does season 2 start already?! As for your casting suggestion, I could see it. Don't see it happening, but not because it's not a decent idea.

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Dear Ted:
What's happened to Lily Collins since the "split" from Zac Efron? We used to get pictures of her at the airport, walking down the street, doing some fashion event, walking down the street, at some British award show, walking down the street. Now...nothing. Did she, after hanging with Zac and his friends a few times, consider them in a full-on romantic relationship? And he didn't? Is she now hiding away with a broken heart?
—Molly B

Dear oBliVious:
Hardly! Lily is between projects at the moment, so she's lying a bit lower than her Snow White persona allowed. And it has nothing to do with any non-split from Mr. Efron. They were both on the same page concerning where they stood, which was, not even in the same book.

Dear Ted:
After seeing recent pictures of Katie Holmes, I have to admit that I'm a little concerned for her. She looks so over-tired and not that happy. Is there anything going on with her?

Dear Blast From the Past:
Nothing new in, say, the past six years. Ya know, when concern for Tom Cruise's wifey started.

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