Saturday Night Live Recap: Mick Jagger Knows How to Please a Crowd

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Mick Jagger acquitted himself well hosting SNL last night, which stands to reason: he's not really an actor, but after his fifty-some-odd years fronting The Rolling Stones, he's apparently gotten pretty good at commanding the attention of a live audience. That said, when it comes to the episode's most memorable moments, Jagger wasn't involved at all. Here's a snapshot of the season finale (and since I want to end on the same high note the episode did, I'll break fro& #109; the usual format and dispense with the lowlights first).

Is Al Sharpton really bad at hosting his MSNBC show? Evidently he is, judging by the premise of this sketch, though that means nothing to me or you, since neither of us has ever seen it.

Jagger wrote a blues number about the presidential election. I defy you not to cringe.

Closest Prognostications:

In my SNL Sketch Predictor, I foresaw that Jagger would play a character in a Secret Word sketch…

...and that Stefon would visit Weekend Update with tips for families visiting New York this summer.

Aw, Jon Hamm hung out with the singing sisters from the Finger Lakes, and we finally see a happy ending for poor Junice!

A full-blown sequel to "Lazy Sunday" sure suggests that the rumors about Andy Samberg's departure are true. Farewell, you adorable weirdo.

I never thought the show could top Amy Poehler's touching goodbye, but Kristen Wiig's farewell, set to the classic "She's Like A Rainbow," was lovely. I held it together about as well as Wiig did (which is to say, not so well), but when Fred Armisen took his turn dancing her around the stage and I could see him whisper "I love you," the floodgates open. Heartbreaking perfection.


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