Pete Doherty’s film debut receives mixed reviews at Cannes…

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Yes, it may come as a surprise to you that Pete Doherty is now an actor and it's probably even more of a surprise that it screened at Cannes, but it's all true.

The singer's film, Confession of a Child of the Century, debuted at the prestigious festival yesterday and Pete was there for his big moment.

The film, which is based on Alfred de Musset's 19th century novel, sees the rocker playing a libertine (rather appropriate, no?) who falls into depression after his mistress betrays him.

Unfortunately the reviews for the film haven't been great so far.  Screen Daly said Pete gave 'a wooden performance' and Cine-Vue said the following: "Doherty, like a sixth former who hasn't learnt his lines for drama class, fidgets throughout Confession of a Child of the Century and seems constantly surprised when it is his cue."

The Evening Standard was a little more forgiving writing: "He tries hard, and there are moments which work in the authentic de Musset manner. Otherwise, there are quiet giggles to be had,"

The film, which hasn't got a UK release date yet, also stars Lily Cole who attended the screening in Cannes with Pete and Charlotte Gainsbourg who wisely stayed away. 


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