Five Reasons To See 'Battleship'

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Unless you happen to be madly in love with Taylor Kitsch or Brooklyn Decker, some of you have no doubt written "Battleship" off as a cheap imitation of "Transformers." How can an alien invasion action film based on a board game be all that entertaining, right? Well, we have a feeling you'll be pleasantly surprised.

The opening scenes between Kitsch and Alexander Skarsgård were flawlessly executed as the pair's brotherly chemistry and Kitsch's off-kilter charm win the audience over in the first few minutes. The film continues with non-stop action once the Navy hits the sea, and continues its intrigue as the movie incorporates the board game layout into the battles.

It's a summer flick that's sure to entertain, so here are our five reasons to see "Battleship."

Because It's Wickedly Funny
From the opening of the movie to the very end, laughs reign in the film. The comedy is brought in by Kitsch's slacker persona and his interactions with Skarsgård, but the supporting cast keeps you entertained as the battle for earth heats up. In action films, humor is sometimes tossed to the wayside in favor of more explosions—don't get us wrong, there are still plenty of those—but this cast effortlessly delivers funny lines at the perfect moments.

Because There Are Tons Of Explosions
The movie is titled "Battleship." If there weren't crazy-awesome explosions, this would be a film about yahtze. We don't claim to be special effects experts, but we can certainly tell when they come off believable. From the moment Kitsch yells to Rihanna, "Light it up!" to the end when the final missiles are launched, you're sure to be entertained by the action.

Because It's Rihanna's Acting Debut
By now you probably know that the "Talk That Talk" singer makes her acting debut. Most young stars do the reverse and start out as actors (even Justin Timberlake started out on the Mickey Mouse Club acting and singing before he joined NSYNC), but when has Rihanna ever followed a trend? As the musician continues to blow up the music charts, she lights up the screen playing a total badass handling some heavy artillery. She's the gal Hopper goes to when & #104;e needs some serious firepower and she always delivers.

Because There's A 'Friday Night Lights' Reunion
This film certainly had its own scene stealer. Kitsch's "Friday Night Lights" co-star Jesse Plemons provides a laugh almost everytime he's on camera with his facial expressions or one-liners. In the NBC series, Kitsch played Tim Riggins and Plemons was Landry Clarke. The dynamic between their characters in "Battleship" is just like their roles in "FNL." The "John Carter" actor is a self-assured captain-type with the arrogance to match and Plemons is an uncertain sailor questioning the antics around him. This wil l certainly amuse fans of the show.

Because You're Curious
Let's be honest, there's at least a small part of you that wants to know who's going to say, "You sunk my battleship." And you may be surprised by how it's incorporated into the film. Cliffhanger! And don't you want to see how they pulled it off? When they literally were working from nothing, they came up with a full plot line based around a children's board game. Credit is due, my fr iends.

Did we convince you? Will you see "Battleship" this weekend? Sound off in the comments and on Twitter!

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