Cheryl Cole nips over to Cannes as a “L’Oreal ambassador”

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Though it might look like Cheryl Cole is having a casual, fun chitty-chat in the picture above (posted on Twitter), she's not – she's doing serious, hard work as an ambassador, for L'Oreal of course.

We're not sure what that role entails, but we suspect it involves Chezza having to toss her hair from side to side and perhaps occasionally run her fingers through it a la shampoo advert style. If that's the case Cheryl was doing a fab job on this TV show in Cannes a short time ago.

The singer isn't staying in France for long though; she'll be back in London for the UK premiere of What To Expect When You're Expecting on Tuesday (which, in case you've forgotten, she stars in) then she'll reportedly be 'singing' live on The Voice over the weekend. If that doesn't get people tuning into that programme again then god knows what will.


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