'Breaking Bad' Drafts 'Friday Night Lights' Star Jesse Plemons For Major Season Five Role

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"Friday Night Lights" has no flaws, save for one: the Landry Clarke murder subplot. The NBC football drama misfired horribly in its second season when it turned bumbling geek Landry into a killer of rapists, and even the show's staunchest supporters can't overlook the laughably bad storyline.

But here's a Landry Clarke murder subplot-in-the-making we can all get behind: actor Jesse Plemons, the man behind the East Dillon Lions kicker, is joining another critically acclaimed television series, "Breaking Bad," in a role that's sure to get bloody before all's said and done.

TV Line reports that Plemons is set to star in the final season of "Bad" as Todd, "a dependable, innocuous, working-class guy" who "may not be what he appears to be." Popular theories peg Todd as an undercover agent of some kind who will work towards busting the case of Heisenberg and his addictive "blue stuff" wide open. If that's true, and if Todd's putting himself in the way of Walter White and his continued survival… well, we know how that's going to end.

Plemons is enjoying a nice run for himself these days. Despite the recent cancellation of his NBC series "Bent," the "FNL" alum has a starring role in this weekend's summer blockbuster "Battleship," reuniting him with another Dillon local, #33 himself, Tim Riggins — better known to non-"FNL" nerds as Taylor Kitsch.

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