'American Idol's' Phillip Phillips on Having to Dress Up for the Finale, Being Compared to Springsteen

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Michael Becker / FOX

Does it get any better than Wednesday night for Tennessee’s Phillip Phillips? He nailed the Four Seasons’ “Beggin,’” as chosen by judge Steven Tyler, gets compared to a “new age Boss,” as in Springsteen, then may have clinched the competition with a downright swoony “We’ve Got Tonight” by Bob Seger. Phillip certainly seemed pleased with his performance following Wednesday’s show when he stopped to answer THR’s burning questions…

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The Hollywood Reporter: So the big question if you make it through: Are you going to dress up for the finale?

Phillip Phillips: I think I have to. Somebody told me that, but I'm not excited about it. I heard it's kind of formal so I'm not looking forward to it, even though I can pull it off. … I'm just kidding.

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THR: Steven Tyler compared you to Bruce Springsteen, did that blow your mind?

Phillips: Yes, because Steven said that and asked if I write my own stuff, which I do. I'm actually really passionate about it. I'm not the best singer in the world or in this competition, and I never will be, but I want people to have fun with the music and the meaning of the lyrics.

THR: Randy said your time on stage is what a Phillip Phillips concert would be like. What would a Phillip show be like?

Phillips: All about having fun and dancing and connecting to the music.

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THR: Is there a concert that you went to which stands out?

Phillips: Dave Matthews was probably the biggest concert that I've ever been to. It was really good. I wanted to go to so many others, but with how much money it takes and making plans and whatnot…

THR: Were you familiar with “We’ve Got Tonight” before it was chosen for you by Jimmy Iovine?

Phillips: I knew so many other Bob Seger songs but not that one. I was, like, “Oh man, can I switch to this song or that song?" They were like, “Nope, you gotta do it." I was nervous about it , but it felt good. It was very different for me and came out really well.

THR: Does your dad really pack heat?

Phillips: Yes, we all do, because our shop is in a really bad part of town, so you got to keep yourself safe. We have a lot of guns. 

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