Model Lauren Scruggs -- Celebrates 24th Birthday with New Prosthetic Arm


Lauren Scruggs -- the model who suffered gruesome injuries in a plane propeller accident last year -- celebrated her 24th birthday and showed off her new prosthetic arm in Texas on Wednesday.

Last December, Scruggs lost her left hand and left eye after accidentally walking into an airplane propeller. She has been undergoing extensive rehab and a few months ago settled with the airplane insurance company for an undisclosed amount.

Despite the terrible circumstances of the accident, Lauren appears to be moving forward with her life. Happy Birthday, indeed.

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George Clooney & Stacy Keibler -- Meet the Parents!


It's getting really serious between George Clooney and Stacy Keibler ... 'cause the lovebirds have taken their relationship to the next level ... and flown out both of their parents to Clooney's home in Italy.

While entertaining their 'rents, Stacy and her folks were spotted having ice cream in Lake Como (top) as George and his mom and pop (bottom) walked around town on Tuesday.

This is the first time we can remember seeing Clooney and his parents hanging out with one of George's special ladies and her family.

So we gotta ask ...

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Jeremy Renner Shows Off In First 'Bourne Legacy' Clip

Renner Bourne

We're not sure if you've heard by now, but there was never just one.

Thus far, the ad campaign for "The Bourne Legacy" has been shouting "Matt Damon? Never heard of the guy" throughout each trailer and poster, but a new clip (via IGN) from the upcoming action sequel makes us think that they may be on to something.

Check out the first clip from "The Bourne Legacy" after the jump!

It's perfectly clear from the clip that Jeremy Renner's Aaron Cross can hold his own in the world of amnesiac superspies. He's proficient in special Bourne skills like running away from police, escaping confided buildings, and jump from roof to roof.

But as this is a new star, Cross should have a unique talent. Behold the wall sliding ability!

Consider us optimistically curious about "The Bourne Legacy." The series has a flawless record with scripts from Tony Gilroy, so it's really just up to Renner to convince us there really was never just one.

What did you think of the first clip from "The Bourne Legacy"? Let us know in the comments below and on Twitter!

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Chris Colfer Heading To An Asylum Near You?

"Glee" star Chris Colfer is already thinking about his next script, a follow-up to his upcoming film "Struck by Lightning" (watch the trailer). This one will be set in an insane asylum in the 1930s—a far cry from his other projects, including his recently released middle-grade novel.


"Yeah, it's a little different than 'The Land of Stories' and 'Struck By Lightning," he joked earlier this week when he stopped by MTV News. "Just a little bit [different] but yeah, yes, hopefully we'll shoot that this winter or next winter. I'm in the movie as well, and it doesn't matter how old I am. There's no rush like there was with 'Struck By Lighting,' [where it was like] 'I gotta look young.' This one, there's some room for age."

By the way, it also sounds nothing like "Glee." But oddly it is in the same vein as another project from that show's creator, Ryan Murphy. You see, the upcoming season of "American Horror Story" will be set in an asylum as well. Is 2012 the year for crazy houses? He joked, "I guess, finally, those asylums get their moment in the light!"

Chris explained that he decided an asylum-set project would work for him since he's always been a bit captivated by what exactly goes down in them.

"I don't know. I've always liked crazy people or people with issues of some kind. [And] I don't mean of reality. I mean like the fictitious stuff that's out there and I've always been fascinated by the human mind."

Do you like the sounds of Chris' asylum? Sound off in the comments and on Twitter!

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Morning Mail! TomKat Split, so Who's Surprised?!

by Ted Casablanca Mon., Jul. 2, 2012 11:05 AM PDT

Tom Cruise, Katie HolmesNorman Scott/

Dear Ted:
Have to know what you think of or if you know any dirt behind the TomKat split?! I don't know why I'm surprised, but I kind of am. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' divorce has to do with his B.V., right? I'm almost positive you said she doesn't have one.

Dear Duh:
Where to begin, Katie?! Well I'll start by saying this: Yes, I was surprised…by the timing. There have been issues dividing the A-list power couple for a while, it's true, but maybe Tommy was hoping all the good reviews for his part in Rock of Ages would overshadow this bombshell? Ha! Hardly. As for Vices, you're right on the money. He has one, though it may have less to do with the divorce than you'd think.

Dear Ted:
What's going on with Nick Jonas and Kym Johnson? Please explain this 16-year age difference. Dating? Just friends? Revenge on Delta Goodrem? Or is Nick just trying to secure a spot on next season's Dancing with the Stars?

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Dear Cougar Attack:
Sure, there have been rumors that Nick and Kym were spotted canoodling in London, but I'm not putting too much stock in this May-December romance. And you shouldn't either. The youngest JoBro wants us all to know he's wise beyond his years, but if he were that smart he might consider a DWTS stint. Just sayin'.

Dear Ted:
I really don't get some of today's supposed hotties. The Hemsworth boys, for instance. I just don't see it. But that's just me. But Nevis Devine fascinates me. I wonder if he's more my type. Could you pretty please let me know?

Dear Blind Blasphemy:
Hold your tongue, babe! I know beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and everything, but with Liam Hemsworth's perfectly coiffed hair and dashing good looks, and older brother Chris's perfect abs and, well, just about everything else, I think that's black and white on the sexiness scale. And Nev isn't too far off. Though his abs might not be as toned, he's got that fab hair. And franchise moolah, just like both Liam and Chris!

READ: Kristen Stewart Introduces a Drunk Chris Hemsworth in New Snow White and the Huntsman Clip!

Dear Ted:
You said none of the 30 Rock cast has Vices, but what about Alec Baldwin? I thought for sure he had a moniker!

Dear Upper Management:
None of The Girlie Show gang does; that I've made clear in the past (you're off the hook, Tina Fey and Tracy Morgan). As for Alec, not only does he have a moniker, but he has been inducted into the Vice Hall of Fame! Wonder if his new bride knows that.

Dear Ted:
Hollywood is all about the young up-'n'-comers…but whatever happened to the likes of Meg Ryan and Michelle Pfeiffer, two of my all-time favorite leading ladies?

READ: Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas Step Out as Newlyweds, Show Off Wedding Bands

Dear Young and the Rested:
Meg might not be having the box office success she once had—which I could blame on multiple thingsbut Michelle had a career reboot of sorts by seducing that very same young H'wood you speak of. Of course I'm talking about her chemistry with Zac Efron. Here's hoping she keeps up that sexpot charm on the big screen, eh?

Dear Ted:
Matthew Bomer must be Christian Grey. Or else.

Dear Fifty Shades of Threatening:
Calm down, Case! While I certainly support seeing Matt get his sexy on, you better get used to the idea of someone else stepping into the Red Room. But at least we all get to see Bomer booty in Magic Mike, right?!

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Gary Ross In Talks For Disney's 'Peter And The Starcatchers'

Gary Ross

It seems like Gary Ross might have found that different project he wanted to pursue that caused him to turn down a directing gig on "Catching Fire."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, "The Hunger Games" director is in talks to trade in Panem for Neverland. He is reportedly negotiating to direct Disney's upcoming adaptation of Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson's children's novel "Peter and the Starcatchers," which serves as a prequel of sorts to "Peter Pan."

Ross has never been a director to prefer helming children's stories over adult ones, so there must be something very special (or very profitable) drawing him towards "Peter and the Starcatchers." "The Hunger Games" must have been a good way to prep him for the story, though this Disney project likely won't be nearly as gritty and violent. Ross's previous two films, "Seabiscuit" and "Pleasantville," also aren't great examples of the tone required for an adaptation of "Peter and the Starcatchers," though it should be noted that Ross did write the screenplays for "Lassie" and "The Tale of the Despereaux."

It does make sense why Ross would want to tackle the project, though. Disney first optioned the novel back in 2005 but ended up turning it into a Broadway musical first. It took home five Tonys this year and has had great critical reception, so it does seem like the perfect time to bring the story to the big screen. Jesse Wigutow is penning the script.

"Peter and the Starcatchers" tells the story of Peter Pan as he befriends a shipmate named Molly that he meets on a Never Land ship. The two of them set off on an adventure to find a trunk filled with mysterious magical starstuff that they must discover before the evil pirate Black Stache -- who will later lose his hand and become Captain Hook -- captures it first.

Do you think Ross is a good fit for Disney's "Peter Pan and the Starcatchers" adaptation? Tell us in the comments section below or on Twitter!

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'Legend' Movie 'Looking Really Good,' Says Author Marie Lu

The last time we checked in on the big-screen adaptation of Marie Lu's engaging, entertaining "Legend," producer Wyck Godfrey assured us that the movie wouldn't disappoint and that things were moving along swimmingly.

MTV News was lucky enough to catch up with Marie herself recently at San Diego Comic-Con, where she gave us her thoughts on the screenplay, how much she plans on being involved with the film and one actor she hopes to see play Metias.


"We just finished the screenplay and passed it on to CBS Films, and it was the first time I got to see it and I'm very excited about it," Marie said. "They've been great, [producers] Wyck [Godfrey] and Isaac [Klausner] have been great about sharing the details as they went along, and we had a nice call to discuss some of the details we might want to tweak later on, but it's looking really good. I can't wait for people to see it in action."

Marie went on to say that while there will probably be a few changes to her story for adaptation purposes, she feels that the filmmakers understand the most important elements and what has to be in the movie.

"I always said from the beginning that as long as the characters stay true to the storyline—I know that books and movies are such different media the plot is going to have to change in some respect or other, but as long as the characters stay true I think it will be great and the screenplay looks great right now."

And even though it's a ways out, we had to ask Marie if she's paid any attention to the fan castings or if she's thought of any specific actors she'd like to see bring her characters to life.

"I haven't watched too many of the fan castings. I see them in a very particular way in my head, so it's hard to cast them. I'm sure the casting directors will do a great job picking the right people," she said diplomatically. "The only person that I've pictured with an actor in my mind when I first started writing was Metias, who is June's older brother, and I always pictured Ben Barnes as Metias because I love Ben Barnes."

What do you think of Ben Barnes playing Metias? Are you excited for the "Legend" movie? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!

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Thank You

by Ted Casablanca Thu., Jul. 5, 2012 5:45 AM PDT

Ted CasablancaE! Networks

The images are countless, breathtaking: Four editors-in-chief, 16 years online, piles of exclusives, plenty of gossip, invented languages, maddeningly fascinating celebrities (dead and alive) and most importantly—you. The reader.

We did this for two decades, folks! When The Awful Truth, which I founded at Premiere magazine 20 years ago, ends this week, it's not the deliciously decadent Blind Vices I will miss the most...

It's you barking types who always made me feel gloriously alive, with all you had to say and scream and be so real about.

That community is my life's (professional) work up until now. It has meant more to me than each of you will ever know.

But it really is time to move on.

If you don't agree, just keep in mind that when I first took this job at E!—in 1996, when the network founded E! Online—I was working at the established and respected Premiere magazine. Scores of people told me, "Online just isn't the place to go."

Everybody told me to pass on the job, and so I did. Then I called back the next day and an amazing man named Lew Harris said, yes, of course, I could change my mind. And I did.

So that's what I'd like my last words to be: Always do what you're not supposed to do.

And see you on Twitter @Ted_Casablanca.

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Daniel Radcliffe To Star In Romantic Comedy 'The F Word'

Daniel Radcliffe

Little did we know that only one year after the "Harry Potter" series released its final film, Daniel Radcliffe would have moved on to romantic comedies.

But that's exactly what the young Brit is planning, according to Variety. The trade is reporting that Radcliffe has joined the cast of the upcoming romcom "The F Word" alongside "Ruby Sparks" star Zoe Kazan.

Before you start thinking that Radcliffe's head has gone straight to the gutter, the titular "f" word is supposed to be "friend," as in Kazan's character only thinks of him as a friend. The movie follows Radcliffe's character after he falls for Kazan but has to hide his romantic feelings from her until she feels the same way.

"Goon" helmer Michael Dowse is directing "The F Word". It's based on the play "Cigars and Toothpaste" by T.J. Dawe and Michael Rinaldi.

We're glad that Radcliffe is making such a departure from his typical films with this movie. He's already proven to us off-camera that he has a wicked sense of humor and also a great sense of levity, but onscreen he's only gone darker since "Harry Potter" with "The Woman in Black." "Kill Your Darlings," which has wrapped filming, was also a drama, albeit a romantic one, so we'll be excited to start hearing more about "The F Word" when production gears up in August in Toronto.

Kazan, on the other hand, has made a career of starring in indies. She had a brief stint in "Bored to Death" back in 2010, but next will star opposite Paul Dano, Annette Bening and Antonio Banderas as the titular character in "Ruby Sparks." She also just wrapped the Joss Whedon-penned film "In Your Eyes."

Do you think that Radcliffe will do well starring in a romantic comedy? Tell us in the comments section below or on Twitter!

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Darren Criss Doesn't Think He's 'Cool Enough' For 'Mortal Instruments' Role

While casting for the big-screen adaptation of Cassandra Clare's "Mortal Instruments" novel "City of Bones" has been gaining speed over the past few months, there are still a number of pivotal roles to be filled—including that of Brooklyn High Warlock, Magnus Bane. And if one name has appeared over and over again in feverish fancastings for the sparkly immortal it's actor Darren Criss. So when MTV News caught up with him and his "Glee" co-stars Kevin McHale and Jenna Ushkowitz at this year's Comic-Con, we had to ask if he was aware of all the hubbub.


"Oh, I have heard that," Darren said. "I really thought Harry Shum would be good for that. I mean, that's cool. It's a funky part. That'd be really fun, but I don't think they'd let me do that."

When pressed as to why he wouldn't be allowed to portray the beloved character, Darren gave an answer we totally don't agree with. "I don't think I'm cool enough for that," he said.

To their credit, Darren's co-stars both disagreed, with Kevin offering up an intriguing (though not entirely realistic) solution: "You and Harry can just split the part like twins," he said. To which Darren looked straight into the camera and delivered this final comment: "Cast me!"

Are you listening casting directors?

How much would you like to see Darren play Magnus Bane? Sound off in the comments and on Twitter!

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